Introduction to Bowl Feeders

Introduction to Bowl Feeders

At DB-Automation, we have the expertise to provide our clients with complete bowl feeder solutions. What sets us apart from the competition is our incredible attention to detail and our supportive aftercare.

Our vibratory bowl feeders are ideal for any operation requiring a single file of components all of the same orientation. When parts are of an unusual shape or size, this can present a new challenge. However, at DB-Automation we have developed further means of detecting and adjusting the orientation of parts, which can be fully integrated into the complete production cell.

We can provide an automated solution for filling the bowl feeder with parts. We offer both vibratory hoppers and elevator hoppers, depending upon the application. These can be filled with parts at the beginning of a shift and left to run; they are completely automated as we incorporate a bowl level detection system which will turn the hopper off when the amount of parts in the bowl exceeds a pre-determined level, and will resume operation when the amount drops below a set level.

At the heart of our vibratory bowl feeders is our Vibratory Drive Unit. Available in four different sizes depending upon the application, it is a design we have evolved and proven over many years, so our clients are guaranteed a reliable system.

The bowl itself is made from cast aluminium or stainless steel, depending upon the application. We design all tooling specifically to the component and the needs of the application.

DB-Automation also provides bespoke solutions for part transfer from the bowl to the next stage of the production. Our gravity tracks are useful in applications where the bowl is positioned higher than the following stage of the production and are designed specifically for each type of component. We can make these interchangeable if the client requires a system to handle different variants.

For applications where no change in elevation is required upon leaving the bowl, we offer vibratory linear feeders as the perfect solution. Powered by our own linear drive unit, this uses the same principles as the vibratory drive unit and once again is available in four different sizes. If the next stage of the production would result in a queue of parts, we also have methods of detection available which will stop the drive units and prevent an excessive build-up of parts. 

Application Suitability

To ensure optimum efficiency for the vibratory bowl feeder, there are a few factors to consider before deciding if one is suitable.

Firstly, are the parts consistent in shape and weight? If not, our conventional feeders would not be suitable as there would be no way for the system to determine these factors and remove unsatisfactory parts. We can however, offer bespoke solutions for sorting parts of varying size, and if required we could integrate this with single, or multiple conventional bowl or linear feeder systems.

Parts which are likely to nest within one another are not suitable as when this occurs, it becomes difficult for the feeder to recognise this and if these parts are allowed to pass through, further down the production line this will cause reliability issues and jams.

Also consider how large the parts are. We offer bowl tops ranging from 228mm diameter which are suitable for small components such as bearings and screws up to in excess of 750mm, which can be used for most components up to 100mm2 in size. This is all dependent on the shape of the component; please speak to a member of our team for more information where we can advise if your product is suitable.

Bespoke Tooling

At DB-Automation, we do not believe that “one size fits all”. Therefore, all our bowl tooling is tailored for the requirements of each individual component and the needs of the application.

Supportive Aftercare

Relationships with our clients do not stop once installation is complete. At DB-Automation, we guarantee to support our clients and machinery indefinitely. We are well equipped to supply all spare parts such as controller and drive unit components. We also have expert technicians on hand to fulfil all your servicing needs. If you already have a bowl feeder from any manufacturer and need a change of tooling, or even a complete bowl refurbishment, rest assured we have the expertise to provide the solution.

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