Peter Wright - Group Channel Manager at SKF Bearings (UK) Ltd

"We had a pool of suppliers we traditionally used for our feeding systems, I wanted to explore new options and therefore new ideas. The approach, the staff and the company (DB Automation) gave us that new impetus, obviously as in all projects we had obstacles to overcome but this was always handled in a positive, progressive, professional and creative way. We are now already in discussion on the next projects."


Andrew Muldoon - Manufacturing and Process Engineer at SKF Bearings (UK) Ltd


"Our initial problem was a section of our Roller Factory. This cell is a shared facility meaning it feeds parts to productions lines.

It was being pushed to keep up with the current loads our channels need. However the feeders and hoppers were very old and dated and had degraded to a stage where repairs were not viable. Basic components and tooling was also very difficult to obtain due to the age.

DB-Automation was approached to support us with a new project that would see us work together to achieve a standardized feeder for all machines within this area. They were chosen to support us, as we wanted a fresh new approach.

DB-Automation worked alongside myself and the process owner to achieve a shared vision, from this vision they created a new innovative design solution. It reduced setup times on the machine and was completely compatible for all skill levels.

I particularly enjoyed working with them as they also saw mine and other team members vision for improvement. Out of the first initial prototype machine we had valuable extras that we wanted to add, they worked with us to achieve this and standardize on to the existing machine.

In summary DB-Automation have acted in a professional manner and have strived to achieve the best solution for all. We are already in discussions with them regarding two other projects.

I would recommend them to anyone looking at feeding or handling solutions in the future."‚Äč

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