Linear Feeders

Vibratory linear feeders are an ideal method of onward feeding or transfer for components exiting a vibratory bowl feeder unit. They continuously move the components along to prevent queuing back into the bowl.

From a selection of vibratory linear feeder drive units an extensive range of linear feeder track lengths can be achieved.  Every linear feeder is designed specific for the product requirements. The track length required will usually be dependant upon the size of the component being orientated in the bowl feeder and also the feed rate that is required.  A linear feeder unit is perfect for creating a buffer or reservoir of parts for the onward automation process, this ensures that correctly orientated parts are available at all times to the pending process.

Longer linear feeder track lengths can be achieved by mounting them together or using a series of linear drive units when required.

Often when a linear feeder unit is used, a sensor will be installed along the linear track to determine when the linear feeder tooling is full.  The sensor will be used to temporarily turn off the bowl feeder to prevent over feeding.

Vibrating Linear feeder       Linear Feeder 

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